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MTTA 2020

The International Special Section on Microwave Theory, Techniques and Applications for 5G Wireless Communications (MTTA 2020)

The current and future generations of wireless networks, 5G and beyond, are making profound technological and economic impacts on our society. These wireless technologies are expected to radically reshape many existing applications and create numerous new opportunities. Due to several fundamental limitations imposed by the nature of electromagnetics or device physics and practical constraints from economics, engineering, technologies, and application considerations, there are yet countless challenges lying in the next-generations communications.

Electromagnetic fields, antennas and microwave technology are the core components of information science and technology. With the wireless communication network technology developing rapidly, research on simulation and numerical calculation techniques has put forward new and higher requirements. The main topics of the special section are electromagnetic modeling and simulation methods in electromagnetics, numerical algorithms and their applications in electromagnetic field theory, electromagnetic wave propagation and scattering, electromagnetic compatibility design, electromagnetic materials, light wave propagation and optoelectronic technology, antenna and remote sensing technology, electromagnetic backscattering. Applications in microwave imaging, etc., involve modern communications, and play a pivotal role in national economic and social development and national defense security.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • New analytical methods for solving guided-wave and radiation problems
  • Active and passive, linear and nonlinear microwave device and structure modeling
  • Wireless and 5G system characterization and architectures
  • RF front end architectures and technologies for 5G mobile applications
  • IoT sensors, RFID circuits/chips for 5G applications
  • RF and microwave instrumentation for biological measurements and healthcare applications
  • RF/millimeter-wave transceiver architectures
  • Energy harvesting, wireless power transfer circuits
  • Antennas, antenna arrays, and passive components/networks
  • Wireless high data rate communications and cognitive Radio
  • Electromagnetic field theory and numerical techniques
  • Electromagnetic compatibility and interference, signal integrity
  • Interaction of electromagnetic waves with matter, biological effects, electromagnetic scattering
  • Vibration, noise analysis and control
  • Emerging technologies and novel system concepts for RF/microwave applications

The special section organizers cordially invite submissions of original research work to The International Special Section on Microwave Theory, Techniques and Applications for 5G Wireless Communications (MTTA 2020), in conjunction with The 13th EAI International Conference on Mobile Multimedia Communications, to be held on July 22-23, 2020 in Harbin, China. Paper formatting instructions can be found here. Please note that paper length is 4-6 pages, and the review process will be single blind.

Special Section Organizers:

Important Dates

Special Section: TBA (one of the MOBIMEDIA 2020 conference days)
Location: Harbin, China (venue to be announced)
Paper Due: January 30, 2020
Paper Notification: April 15, 2020
Camera-ready Paper Due: May 15, 2020
Start of MobiMedia Conference: July 22, 2020
End of MobiMedia Conference: June 23, 2020

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