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AIFH 2020

The International Special Section on Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare (AIFH 2020)

Artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare is the use of complex algorithms and software to emulate human cognition in the analysis of complicated medical data. What distinguishes AI technology from traditional technologies in health care is the ability to gain information, process it and give a well-defined output to the end-user. Increased AI’s healthcare-related applications as the number and availability of health-related data from personal and healthcare-related devices increase and computing power increases resulting in faster data collection and data processing.

Various specialties in medicine have shown an increase in research regarding AI. AI has a very good performance in medical imaging. The increase of telemedicine, has shown the rise of possible AI applications. Electronic health records are crucial to the digitalization and information spread of the healthcare industry.

This special section focuses on the state-of-the-art research of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare. In this special section, we invite submissions of high-quality original technical and survey papers, which have not been published previously, on AI techniques and their applications in medical imaging, telemedicine and electronic health records.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

Medical image reconstruction

Medical image retrieval

Medical image processing

Computer-aided detection/diagnosis

Medical Augmented and Virtual Reality

Medical imaging and visual display technology

Formation, analysis and interpretation of medical images

Computer-assisted intervention

Image guided robot, image guided intervention

Surgical planning and simulation

Telemedicine and mobile telemedicine

Wearable and implantable electronics and robots

Decision support network to enhance surgical procedure assistance

Combine multiple resolution images and novel visualization methods

Data Mining and Bioinformatics

NLP application

Human Computer Interaction

Process and manage patient records

Medical imaging informatics

The special section organizers cordially invite submissions of original research work to The International Special Section on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare (AIFH 2020), in conjunction with The 13th EAI International Conference on Mobile Multimedia Communications, to be held on July 22-23, 2020 in Harbin, China. Paper formatting instructions can be found here. Please note that paper length is 6-18 pages, and the review process will be single-blind.

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Special Section Organizers

Important Dates

Special Section : TBA (one of the MOBIMEDIA 2020 conference days)
Location: Harbin, China (venue to be announced)
Paper Due: February 27, 2020
Paper Notification: April 15, 2020
Camera-ready Paper Due: May 15, 2020
Start of MobiMedia Conference: July 22, 2020
End of MobiMedia Conference: June 23, 2020

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